Bird's Eye Drone


New Technology in Today's Market
By Diane Saatchi

The consumer models of the drone, exploding on the market over the last few years, are finally reaching a technological state that allows for an experienced flyer to create smooth panoramas of landscapes and homes. 

Before this technology, the only option for filming real estate from above was a helicopter or crane - both very expensive options. Now, however, we can afford these beautiful pieces of moving imagery with drones. 

My first experience with this came with a reference to Guillaume Le Berre, a filmmaker from France that was in the Hamptons for a couple of weeks.  After seeing Angkor (seen here on the right), a film he made in Vietnam in early 2015, I knew I wanted to see what a Hamptons home would look like filmed in this way. 


So, here is what we made: 


This custom-built estate atop a gentle slope offers sweeping water views across Mill Pond from practically every room. The beautiful drone images and music offer an inspiring way to see this home.


© 2015 Diane Saatchi