Loving what you do,

means that on top of an already busy schedule, you do things like create a blog.

I wanted a place to share my thoughts on local real estate, my insights about the buying/selling process, my recommendations for a smooth sale or purchase, and stories from nearly three decades of helping people buy, rent, and sell homes in the Hamptons. So, I started this blog, where I could bring together long-standing knowledge, new technology resources, hard data, and outstanding imagery.



In a nearly four-decade ever-evolving relationship with the Hamptons, I've been a vacationer, developer, managing broker, and sales agent.  I've lived in NYC and escaped to the beach, and lived next to the beach and escaped to NYC. I know the market from every angle.

New Technology

Back in the 90's, I was printing a multi-paged quarterly newsletter on Hamptons real estate. A lot has changed since then. As soon as we reached the point where we could interactively tour a home on a mobile device, I knew I needed a new medium to reflect on these technological advances. 

Hard Data

At the core of any market is hard data. Numbers are the key to understanding past and current trends to better forecast future ones; it is precisely this information that is so important in optimally managing the outcome of the purchase or sale of any given home.

Outstanding Imagery

Opposite in nature to that of 'hard data,' beautiful images can help guide someone to their future home in an inspirational way. Add a little more technology and we are not just limited to photography, but also can create amazing video and interactive walk-through tours. 


About me

There was a time in which East Hampton was my second home. This was back in the early 80’s, when I was working in mental health directing therapeutic services at the Cornell University Medical College, New York Hospital, Westchester Division, running my own private practice, and teaching Occupational Therapy at Columbia, NYU and SUNY. My husband and I would visit on weekend, summer months, or virtually any 24-hour period in which we could escape the City.

This all changed in 1987 when we decided to become what our native East Hampton neighbors refer to as “year round summer people,” and where after a series of endeavors in real estate investment and home renovation I decided to jump into the business outright.

My career in brokerage began at Devlin-McNiff Real Estate. Not quite three years later I joined ET Dayton as a partner where we were the first local real estate agency to engage advertising and public relations agencies. In 1994 we formed Dayton Halstead in partnership with Manhattan-based Halstead Property Company. Later, using what was then cutting-edge technology, we grew a three-person office into a three-office, 60 licensee operation.

I became a full-time sales agent again in 2005 after we sold Dayton-Halstead to NRT and was soon one of the top agents at the Corcoran Group. Today I’m at Saunders & Associates and I head the Saatchi Team, composed of two full-time assistants and several talented associates.