Charity Spotlight


This month, we are spotlighting the Springs Food Pantry

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People are going hungry in Springs, and we need your help.

The Springs Food Pantry’s mission is to alleviate hunger and offer nutrition education so that less fortunate families can make healthy and practical choices for themselves.

  • In 2018, average of 250 people visited the pantry every week, totaling 13,040 visits.

    At each visit, the recipients were provided with three nutritious meals, snacks

    and supplementary staples.

  • East Hampton has the HIGHEST poverty rate in Suffolk County.

  • Our elderly neighbors must often choose between paying for food
    or buying medicine.

  • Many children go to school with no lunch, and sometimes no breakfast.

  • Our seasonal economy leaves many working families short of funds during the winter months when heating bills are at their highest.

  • Please help the Springs Food Pantry reach their goal of $70,000 in 2018.

  • The need keeps growing!

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